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Study: studies can help us think about lesbians all day

30 Jan

Well, I thought about posting this study a few days ago when it first started to ooze around the internet like a bloated centipede poised to eat itself to death. This study usefully claims that half of straight men in committed relationships would theoretically forgive their as-yet-not-cheating sorta-straight girlfriends a cheating-type excursion if it were in favor of some other beaver.

But I thought, really, do we need to patronize the people out there who release studies finding that men still get a hard-on from lesbian hookups between straight women in small panties? The converse isn’t true, since straight ladies still do not by and large for some reason find the idea of their boyfriends hooking up with some other dude hot, because women are lame and narrow-minded. And so in reality why the hell should I be posting on this stupid nonsense study?

Well, fuck it, I decided. What’s so wrong with spending a little part of our day thinking about naughty lesbian hookups? If this study can make our day go by a little faster while thinking about lesbians, it was money well spent. That’s why we love studies.

But it was cool when Hilary Swank did it

14 Jan

Samantha Brooks of Great BritainĀ is accused of getting laid by pretending to be a man to two different women. In one case, this succeeded for over eight years. Her foolproof methods?


[Brooks] is further alleged to have used enough bubble bath to conceal her body from the woman.


She also managed to fool her victims by urinating standing up, which as any child over the age of two can tell you means you’re a dude and a really horrible trick to use if you aren’t a dude.

The real tragedy for Brooks is that she got caught in Great Britain. She should have gone to Massachusetts, where it’s perfectly legal to have sex with someone by lying to them.*

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