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GOP to women: it’s really Obama who hated you this whole time

25 Mar

The NRCC woke up one day (yesterday) and realized, the ladies may be starting to think that the Republican party is hostile to women’s health. How could they get such a terrible idea? How do we solve this…WE KNOW. Easy: write a BLOG POST in lots of bold and BOLD CAPS with some numbers in it magically asserting that it’s OBAMA who hates women’s health.

The post, because it’s magic, doesn’t heed basic rules of logical argument. Instead, they go the whole “throw out some sentences about how women like health care and it’s hard to get” route with their urgent bolded type. And even still, opening by quoting a report that says women like health and making decisions about health and reproductive care seems… ironic, right?

WOMEN ARE PRIMARY CONSUMERS, DECISION-MAKERS ON HEALTHCARE:“Women utilize more health care than men, in part because of their need for reproductive services. Females of all ages accounted for 60% of all expenses incurred at doctors’ offices in 2004.

“Women make approximately 80 percent of health care decisions for their families and are more likely to be the care givers when a family member falls ill.” (“General Facts on Women and Job Based Health,” U.S. Department of Labor, Accessed 3/23/2011)

Let’s see…. who out there provides lots of these “reproductive services” that women like to use so much… “SHHHH, don’t bring that up,” said the BLOG POST. “Quick, talk about something else.” Continue reading

Nagging Hillary Clintons made Obama press the war button

21 Mar

One of the cherished paranoid fantasies of wingnut conservatives is that feminists are secretly manipulating government and the librul President to… do things. What kinds of things? War this time, apparently. Feminists love war. Mark Krikorian of the National Review Online writes to point this out:

Obama’s pusillanimity has been hugely magnified by the contrast with the women directing his foreign policy and the fact that they nagged him to attack Libya until he gave in. Maybe it’s unfair and there shouldn’t be any difference from having a male secretary of state do the same thing, but there is.

I’m not really sure who Krikorian is referring to other than Hillary Clinton, who is apparently so full of testicles and nagging that she counts as a number of women when she directs Obama’s foreign policy. (Ed. note: I know he’s referring to other women i.e. Susan Rice at the top of the foreign policy hierarchy as well, but he doesn’t even bother to name them, so I’m making fun of him for it.) Krikorian also apparently read Obama’s hedging “I didn’t actually want to use the military option” as a sign that he was nagged into it instead of what it actually was, a rhetorical tool to reassure the rest of the world he doesn’t love killing brown people as much as his demon predecessor, even though in practice the distinction is less pronounced.

But no, the fact of the matter is that the Hillary Clintons wouldn’t quit texting Obama dumb messages for three whole days in a row every four minutes asking him to spend just a little extra money to buy her that Qaddafi-head mantlepiece keepsake that matches the drapes at the New York estate. “Reagan would be jealous,” one of the texts said.

[NRO via Salon]