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The case for penis liability insurance

25 May

The club of Republicans who challenge themselves to entertain the public with a new joke about abortion each week have come up with a pretty good one this time.┬áRape is like getting a flat tire, said some guy from the Kansas House, and then added, in an ideal world, women would get raped as often as they get flat tires. So since women are probably going to be (should) get raped all the time, the ladies need to go out and get some “rape insurance” in case they want to abortion the rape fetus.

But, honestly, isn’t this the wrong approach? Shouldn’t men actually just have to get “in-case-I-rape-someone insurance?” Dominique Strauss-Kahn should have had insurance like this. It’s just liability insurance for your penis. We make car owners get liability insurance for when they “accidentally smash into” other people. Why not for penises? They seem about as prone to accidents as cars. We don’t make car crash victims pay to fix their own cars. Of course we don’t! We just like cars better than women.