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Iowa Senator: women and livestock, they are politically similar

12 Apr

Abortion headline alert! State Sen. Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines) introduced an amendment to a bill prohibiting the secret taping of mistreated farm animals that would also prohibit secret taping inside “pregnancy termination locations.”

Wait! You said something about abortion! News aggregators like those headlines. Pageviewz! “Senate amendment: ban secret video at Iowa abortion clinics.” Finally, sanity emerges from the Iowan cornfields.

Oops. McCoy apparently doesn’t actually think the amendment will pass, but God bless him, he wanted to make a confusing point about how women’s clinics and cows both need to be videotaped, or not.

“What I was trying to illustrate was that livestock industry is really setting themselves up as a niche industry,”McCoy said.  Livestock would be provided more protection from secret taping than people visiting women’s health centers and other places that work closely with people, he said.

Wait, what? Protection? Livestock aren’t really “protected” by a ban on secret taping, which is maybe what he actually wanted to say since he is against the bill? JUST SAY THAT. But somehow, his response came out as “women’s clinics and livestock, we should think about how they are videotaped, secretly.” Cows and women, women and cows. It’s important to see how similar they are, for politics.

A Google search doesn’t turn up any other articles on this amendment to help clarify. It would have been helpful to know if McCoy is pro-choice or not to fully contextualize the comparison he is seeking to make, which in any case is convoluted from the way it is portrayed in this Des Moines Register blog post.

But does it really matter? Women and livestock, they are very similar! Cows and ladies are both kind of stupid, they don’t really know if they want to be videotaped or not, some men should decide that, but luckily women and cows can both be used to make political points in Iowa.

Berlusconi cares too much, is the real lesson here.

15 Feb

God has a sense of humor today. Berlusconi is going to trial! This time not for tax fraud, bribery, embezzlement, false accounting, bribing a judge or corruption, but for the simple stupid crime of sleeping with an underage prostitute and then helping her avoid theft charges.

Berlusconi, like many powerful men with money who don’t seriously believe they are subject to the law, is confused about why this is even an issue, because this has somehow become a referendum on how Italy treats women rather than how Berlusconi is a pathetic lawbreaker with some serious self-esteem issues.

Berlusconi has made no secret of his admiration for beautiful women and made no apologies for it. But he said, in response to Sunday’s demonstration, that he has always valued female workers in his companies and sought to promote their hard work.

Yes, he has worked very hard to promote women, FP recalls.

Among party candidates for regional assemblies and the European Parliament were pretty younger women, often ex-showgirls, appointed by Berlusconi.

Honestly, what is it that you women want? Berlusconi makes you feel special, and you get angry? Women are so hard to understand.

The actual sad takeaway from the AP article is that he faces higher penalties for getting a child prostitute out of trouble with the police rather than for actually participating in child prostitution. If only he had just managed to fuck her and forget about her, this would probably go away a lot more easily. Let that be the real lesson to you, Silvio.