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Canada misses real point of sex consent debate: is she lying?

27 May

Canadians are talking about sex today, which still sounds like your grandparents describing how oral sex was in the fifties, but whatever:

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court has ruled that an unconscious woman can’t give consent to sex.

In a 6-3 decision Friday, the court restored the sexual-assault conviction of a man who performed an unwanted sex act on his female partner in 2007.

Right right right. I mean, this pretty much stands to reason, no? Amateurs. Here in AMERICA, we know what the far more salient question is: how likely is it that she’s totally lying about how unconscious she was?

Moreno acquitted, jury finds a “rape-free window” of victim intoxication

26 May

Ta-da, World’s Creepiest NYPD Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata have been magically acquitted of rape charges by the “she wasn’t too drunk to consent but she was too drunk to remember what happened” fairies.

The two officers helped bring the drunk lady to her apartment. Then, because the gentlemanly thing to do is to get into bed with a woman while she’s annihilated and make sure her breasts are still in the right place, Moreno did that. (And then extra-creepily referred to it as “cuddling.”) Mata, good buddy old pal, kept watch in the living room. The lady alleges that Moreno wanted to make sure her vagina was still in the right place, with his penis, but Moreno says, uh, she was too drunk to remember whether I did that or not, but I used a condom.

From the NYT:

Although the defense never conceded that the two had sex, a central point of argument in the case was whether the woman was too drunk to consent to sex….

Defense lawyers pointed to surveillance footage of the woman walking on her own as she entered the building in front of the officers as evidence that she was conscious and able to communicate. They also contrasted what the woman told some friends shortly after the alleged rape — that she thought she was raped — with the certainty that she was expressing on the witness stand. Her spotty recollection of that night, the defense said, was enough to raise reasonable doubt over whether she was raped.

So apparently there’s some kind of “rape-free window” of intoxication where you’re not drunk enough to rule out the possibility of consent, but you’re also too drunk to credibly remember what happened. That’s kind of convenient for a rapist! Watch out for this window, ladies. And watch out for Moreno.


The Baby Rapist ad

9 Feb

Hero domestic violence shelter chief Josh Jasper of Dubuque, Iowa solved a simple math problem which goes like this: adults who are violent and rape their partners were also once children.

Then he made a commercial starring a baby crawling around on screen. KGAN CBS2 reports:

“He’s tough, he’s strong, he’s aggressive.”  It starts off subtle but then….”He raped his girlfriend.”

“You are not born to be a rapist,  or born to beat up your kids, you learn it,” says Josh Jasper of the Riverview Center.

The ad depicts a baby as a future rapist, asking the question “ what are you teaching your children?”

Oh my god why would you say this cute baby is a rapist? Here this baby had probably just been saved from an abortion with a Dirt Devil! Not a rapist, babies don’t make rape, rape makes babies, cried viewers, still kind of confused. But who almost killed the baby? THE WOMEN.

His email inbox is full of hate mail, comments degrading women, some even saying women deserve to be raped.

Okay, it’s women’s fault. It’s all figured out again.