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You need mo’ skillz to bag a lady, writes Canadian news agency intern

23 Feb

Some poor intern at apparent Canadian news agency “QMI” (stupid American alert!) was going blind reading through an RSS feed of studies from the American Psychology Association when he or she stumbled upon this gold:

“The extent to which women and men believed that the proposer would be sexually skilled predicted how likely they would be to engage in casual sex with the individual.”

Counter to the stereotype that men are more interested in casual sex than women, the reason women actually turn down propositioning men is because women are more “intelligent, successful and sexually skilled than men who made the same proposals.”

Hooray! this poor intern probably thought to him or herself, thank god someone out there is still probably getting laid and has a paying job. And then he or she just copy-pasted some words from the abstract and clicked “publish.” Well, what can I say, I do the same thing all the time.