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Has feminism gone too far? Part I

15 Jan

There is an important question in feminism that is not addressed enough by the mainstream media: Has feminism gone too far?

MSNBC, our favorite bastion for liberal-approved news, is up to the task.

F. Brinley Bruton takes on our question with an article about the Julian Assange case, because the arrest of Julian Assange is nothing if not a litmus test for how feminism plays out its objectives in our lives. Has feminism gone too far? he asks. Let’s strap in and see:


LONDON – Polemical filmmaker Michael Moore seems in no doubt that dark forces are behind the rape and sexual molestation accusations leveled against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Sweden.

Ooh! The specter of conspiracy is always kind of exciting. That would definitely be going too far for feminism, wouldn’t it? Global conspiracy is likely in cahoots with feminism, according to Michael Moore. That would definitely mean feminism has gone too far. Is he going to say Michael Moore thinks feminism has gone too far? Next graf:


“Governments and corporations go after individuals … they go after people with this kind of lie and smear,” Moore told MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. “This is all a bunch of hooey as far as I’m concerned.”


Look, It’s Michael Moore, angry, talking about the Evils In The World. Is feminism one of them? He doesn’t say. But wait, I thought Michael Moore made a few mistakes during this interview regarding the facts of the allegations against Assange. Well, that doesn’t really need mentioning. It’s not relevant to our title question. Maybe he’ll get to that next:  Continue reading