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Joe Pitts would like to see a few more dead pregnant ladies, and the entrance to Hell

5 Feb

Mmmkay. The GOP can’t talk about anything besides vaginas and how out of control they are these days. Abortion abortion abortion abortion abortion is their entire agenda. Fuck jobs. We need more babies and less jobs in America, and more religious fundamentalists having their say about things since they have God on their side except during the last World Series, when the homo city won.

I hate to engage because it feels sort of like trying to engage with the inarticulate bully on the third-grade playground who just screams and runs around trying to throw the kickball at other kids’ heads because he’s dealing with some childhood trauma that led to a massive insecurity complex that later develops into a pathological inability to relate to or sympathize with other human beings and he gets stuck being a gas station attendant for life, or running for Congress.

Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) would like to make sure hospitals can let pregnant women with complications die if they want to, because an abortion is worse than watching the life slowly fade out of a helpless woman’s eyes. That’s “conscience” in this guy’s mind. Know who else buys that brand of conscience at the Hell-mart? THE POPE.

Do you really want to be on the Pope’s side? The guy who secretly masturbated to the sexy stories of child rape that turned up on his desk on cold, detached pieces of paper some poor nun sobbed over as she typed? Who keeps a few of those pieces of paper in his desk to crinkle between his sallow bony fingers to remind himself of “the good times” when he gets lonely and can’t hear the voice of God anymore?

Congratulations, Joe Pitts. He’s your new teammate.

Your Pope is in on the joke too, guys

24 Jan

The Pope tried out some new stand-up material this weekend and yelled at (mostly American) priests for failing to provideĀ better pre-marriage counseling, since so many Catholic marriages end in “annulment.”

On Saturday, Benedict said priests had an important pastoral job to discern whether would-be spouses are prepared and able to enter into a valid marriage.

If we stop to consider exactly how much experience a priest has with this topic, maybe this is really what the Pope means when he says that homosexuals are threatening traditional marriage.