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Kanye West was feeling left out (of the abortion debate)

24 Feb

Here’s a great attention-getting tool some celebrity people have discovered recently: make public comments about abortion!

The same insecure guy who was wearing sunglasses indoors, at night, when he got so emotional during a children’s music video awards ceremony that he had this weird on-stage, pan-the-cameras-this-way, look-at-me outburst decided to say something moronic on Twitter about how an abortion costs “50gs or maybe 100” these days, maybe for one of those fancy Malibu ones where they give you a pedicure while they empty your uterus or something.

He doesn’t cite his sources for this frankly rather sanity-questioning number. Let’s take a look at a selection of his other recent Tweets for some context or insight:

“It ain’t happen to me but I know people.”

“A girls best in’ with me is honesty #majortrustissues”


“What takes more effort… Hitting me back or coming up with a lie for why you didnt?”

“I just zoned on how ill it is to really fall in love… Pimpin is whatev… Love is that shit!”

“Never show up even by yo-self with out telling me!”

“Never show up with somebody with out telling me!”

“Un announced guest is a super pet peeve of mine!”

“Make a nun cum.. make her cremate”

“This week has been a bad massage… I need a happy ending.”

Nope, I still can’t glean shit from this rambling parade of nonsense except a solid sense of persecution and some intimacy problems. JUST DON’T SHOW UP TO HIS HOUSE UN ANNOUNCED.

Eh, I blame America for making our celebrities into neurotic attention whores who say stupid things just to outrage and entertain us with their stupidity. Sarah Palin.

Who wants to take bets some other music industry celebrity in need of some attention says something inane about abortion in the next week?


GOP war-death machine pleased to formally declare war on women’s health

18 Feb

Well, the House of Representatives formally declared war on women’s health by a vote of 240-185. We hadn’t declared war in such a long time, the House representatives who voted for the bill said, it felt really good!

Irrelevant person Fred Thompson has something to say about it on the Twitter.

Except, whoops:

Defunding Planned Parenthood will cost taxpayers more money, since every $1 spent on family planning¬†saves the government $4 the next year in Medicare costs. I’m not sure what lives he thinks will be saved, since taking away access to millions of breast and cervical cancer screenings is more likely to kill people than save them. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he can’t possibly imagine women will cease obtaining abortions just because they can’t get cancer screenings, since abortions are the one thing that the federal government money going to Planned Parenthood actually does not fund.

So in the true sense of GOP “victory for America,” this does exactly what they like to do: spend more taxpayer money killing more people, just like wars are supposed to.

That’s GOP math for you, ladies. It’s math similar to you “We kill you = you are free now” and “No government health care because death panels = insurance death panels tell you to go fuck off and die.”

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