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Lady libido problems and passive voice construction

12 Mar

Over at the Daily Mail, Britain’s main feminist-provoking headline factory (just do a search on Jezebel.com for “Daily Fail”), the tabloid editors did a copy-paste from some “Fembido passion pill” PR release with a new survey claiming that over half of women avoid sex with their partners because they feel too fat. Isn’t it great when other people do your work for you?

Experts said the poll showed many women were suffering from a combination of unrealistic expectations about their appearance and increasingly busy lives, and warned relationships were inevitably suffering as a result.

Good passive voice construction there: “women were suffering from.” Honestly I’m not sure from this sentence whether it’s women’s fault for having unrealistic expectations or if it’s the partner’s fault for causing women to hold those unrealistic expectations. Or is there some mysterious third party we can blame, like our favorite bogeyman “the media,” that is more likely at fault? Probably kind of everybody? Or maybe just nobody. It’s a no-fault crime, is what we are trying to say, with our passive voice construction. Who cares. Buy Fembido!

I’m also not sure how a lady “passion pill” dovetails with a study about how the ladies hate their own bodies. Does it matter if your passion is up when you don’t want your partner to see you naked? Because that actually just sounds really annoying. Or is this one of those “liquid confidence” pills that magically makes all your insecurities go away after you take 3 or 4 of them so you can have sex without worrying about how you look with the lights on and tastes and looks kind of mysteriously like a Jaeger bomb?

Was “Fembido” seriously the best this marketing department could come up with? That has exactly the same thrilling ring to it as “Herbido” or “Chemfantasy” or “Infatupill” or “Erotobiotic.”

To help clarify the point, photo editors decided to use this bizarre picture to illustrate their article. Is it because she’s overweight she doesn’t look happy, or is it because of her t-shirt tan? They both have t-shirt tans. He can’t hold that against her. I’m going to more with “from an article about motel room foreplay for ‘redneck anger sex’ fetish communities.”