“Beauty is for the logic-impaired” fridge magnets now for sale

26 May

This refrigerator magnet is for sale at Forever 21, ladies. Form a line!

PRETTY GIRLS CAN DO MATH, scream scream outrage outrage.  Should we be upset? Or should we reflect that it probably doesn’t go far enough in explaining its thesis? How does one quantify the level at which beauty interrupts neurological function, and who decides when one has passed that level? It’s a vague message. And if too pretty for math, why do other skills like spelling go unharmed? Probably it should read something more like, “im to prettie to Do math.” Or perhaps just “pretty girl ≠ math student” to get more to the point with a bit of an ironic twist. “I’m so beautiful I’m logic-impaired” has a ring to it, too. Like those Kardashians! Hurry while supplies last, you don’t want to let anyone else open your fridge without reminding them you’re a moron.

[Sociological Images]

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