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Kay S. Hymowitz: Republicans crush liberals at being feminist

25 Jan

Media analysis time, children! 

Kay S. Hymowitz, writing for the magazine of the conservative Manhattan Institute, wants us whiny liberal feminists to know that Palin is going to balls-up the women’s movement whether we like it or not. YOU HAVE BEEN TARGETED, WHINY LIBERALS.

No, actually Palin isn’t. Hymowitz tries to argue in her article that Palin is changing the women’s movement by making the women’s movement not about women but rather issues like tax reduction, government interference and budget deficits, things that sound suspiciously like the regular old Republican agenda.

Ergo, Sarah Palin is a Republican panderer who is just pro-herself. But she is a woman, so you can see how people get confused.

Let’s see how Hymowitz tries to argue it anyway, so we can laugh at her. HERE WE GO.

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